Day Two: Part Two

Also, the Oscars are this Sunday and I have a family party to go to. Not that I don’t love my family, I just don’t think they’ll be okay with me flipping tables if Frozen doesn’t win best animated feature.

Day Two: Musings

Soft like the sheets that hold me

           I think of you often

Not so far,

                    But too far to reach

               I long for your smell

          A sweet reminder

    That finally I am in your arms

That finally I am home

Day One: Let’s Shoot

There are so many things that I want to see and do but I either A. Don’t have the time. or B. Have the ambition.

I think a more productive use of my time would be to write down the things I want to say and do in this format, and keep true to my word! I’ve started projects like this before (365, Wreck This Journal, etc…) but I want to actually continue and make progress.

This space will be a sort of diary/journal/whatever for me to write about my day and occasionally post things that inspire me/scare me/stimulate my creativity! So let’s get started bitchezzz.